Saturday, June 25, 2016

Father's Day Visit

This year, I got the chance to visit my fathers grave site and the day after. Was just the way it worked out. Along with me riding Shotgun, was brother in law Mr. Bill.  We stopped briefly at barn and then went right to the cemetery.  As we got near the top of the roads to where our family grave sites are I saw a sentinel at edge of would line looking out. This photo was from a few hundred yards away. I went to max zoom to get the next one.

  It just stood there watching out over the graves for a few moments. Once I got back in the car, it turns slowly and went back into woods. Must have been thinking that its turn to watch over the people was over, and now is a humans turn.  I visited with the family for a few minutes before going over to see dad. 

  When we got over to Dad's stone, I noticed a book with a pen in it. I thought it was strange. It seemed to be half way down in the dirt. I texted my sister AnnMarie, and told her about it. Comes to find out, last year on the anniversary of my Dad's passing she had visited him, and had left a crossword puzzle book and pen for him. She texted me a pic, and I sent her mine. 

  Well, I guess he must have finished this one, and is waiting for the next one so he can continue.

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